Project overview

SRK are 1 of just 5 scaffold contractors working on the HPC project. SRK began works on HPC in 2018, picking up their initial works from Tissot. In 2019, Delme Fisher was appointed as Site Manager, and works started with contractors like COMA including building the East K19 Platform as well as the CES and IT&T Chambers. The outstanding work of the SRK team on site was highly praised and, consequently, the company gained more work through other contractors.

Contractors which SRK are currently working for include:

  • COMA

  • Kier Bam

  • TCI

  • William Hares

  • Ledwood

  • Linxon

  • H & E Engineering

  • G4S

  • Otis Lifts

  • Reel

The nature of the site comes with many logistical difficulties which require rigorous planning to overcome. The SRK team are gaining great recognition for the high standards of work as well as an impressive health & safety record.

project spotlight

Ledwood requested a heavy duty lifting frame which included 3 x 1600kg Nico track running beams. It was needed to lift the lids off large gas can in the turbine hall basement. SRK finishing this job within the predicted time scale in a challenging environment. The clients were particularly impressed by our ability to transfer materials to the workplace above ground level and the erection & dismantle of all scaffolding.

There have been many impressive projects on HPC but one that is making headlines is the Kier Bam project. With its rapid pace of growth, we started off with 3 operatives and now have 6 working scaffolders, 1 scaffold inspector and 1 non-working black hat with the potential of another gang or 2 in the future. SRK are currently erecting works to facilitate concrete pours which will help build the main ancillary building which will be the main back up control building and will control the running on the site once the site is complete.