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Industrial insulation services

If you are in need of assistance with maintaining a specific temperature or containing sound within your facilities, we at SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services are here to provide our expertise. Our experienced teams specialise in designing, supplying, and installing complete thermal, cryogenic, or acoustic insulation systems that are tailored to meet your unique requirements. We are equipped to serve customers from various markets, including oil & gas, food & drink, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, process, and power.

Insulation services

In addition to our insulation services, we offer all necessary scaffolding and access systems for your insulation project, as well as safe asbestos removal and subsequent painting or coating services to provide a complete solution.

Industrial insulation is critical in maintaining the integrity of pipes, assets, and installations while also supporting energy efficiency goals. While substandard quality insulation can lead to heat loss or even integrity loss due to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), our teams possess the skills and knowledge to ensure that you receive the highest quality insulation services.

Cold Insulation

To prevent surface condensation and ice formation, we apply cold insulation in temperatures up to 20° C, using materials such as Foamglas, PIR/PUR, or elastomers, with a suitable finish.

Thermal Insulation

We apply thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and fire hazards primarily, however at lower running temperature pipework or equipment, we can offer either a thermal insulation or a personal protection solution, to create a safer working condition. We also apply thermal insulation at higher temperatures to maintain optimal process conditions and ensure safety. We understand that maintaining the integrity of your facilities is a top priority, and SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services is here to provide you with the necessary insulation services to keep your facilities operating efficiently and safely.

Why work with SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services

At SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services we are constantly building new partnerships, alliances and continue working with clients who trust and rely on our services. We have been their support on a variety of high profile construction projects in the South West and our yard, extensive stock and committed workforce, enables us to deliver multiple large scale projects simultaneously.

With the continuing expansion of our company we focus on maintaining strong working relationships with all our partners and alliances.

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