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Industrial painting services

SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services is a reliable partner for industrial painting services. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the painting process and materials, including special coatings, to help preserve steel and protect it from external influences that cause corrosion.

Industrial painting and coatings

Blasting (surface pretreatment)

We understand that properly pre-treating a steel surface before painting is essential to maintaining its durability. That's why we offer a variety of blasting services to ensure the best type of pretreatment for your installation, including;

  • conventional blasting (compressed air)
  • induction blasting
  • vacuum blasting
  • hydro jetting
  • wet blasting
  • ice blasting

As a reliable company, we provide various preservation methods to protect iron and steel structures from corrosion. Our specialists can recommend and implement the appropriate type of preservation for your assets, especially in fire-prone environments, to ensure their integrity. Passive Fire Protection is one such method that stops corrosion and heat.

Insulating Coatings

Our industrial insulation experts can help you determine if coatings with insulating properties are right for your insulation challenge. We have experience applying various coatings to assets that need heat and cold insulation and in applying anti-condensation coatings.

Metallising (TSA)

We also offer Metallising, or Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA), which uses a compressed-air-powered metallising gun to spray molten aluminium onto a pretreated steel structure. An aluminium layer of at least 250 microns thick instantly cures to form an anti-corrosion protective layer that can last up to 40 years. TSA protects steel structures from all kinds of corrosion and is more economical in the long run than alternative coatings. Our team can apply TSA in a completely safe way in a working plant, with benefits including;

  • optimal protection against all forms of corrosion
  • longer-lasting installations
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • better fire safety
  • fewer inspections required

Why work with SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services

At SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services we are constantly building new partnerships, alliances and continue working with clients who trust and rely on our services. We have been their support on a variety of high profile construction projects in the South West and our yard, extensive stock and committed workforce, enables us to deliver multiple large scale projects simultaneously.

With the continuing expansion of our company we focus on maintaining strong working relationships with all our partners and alliances.

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