The Westland helicopter site at Yeovil in Somerset has a multitude of buildings which are home to the design, development and production of commercial and military helicopters. Aircrafts ranging from 1.8 tonne single engine models to 16 tonne, three engine designs.

About the project

In order to allow Mitie access to re-roof the research and development faculty building SRK Scaffolding were awarded the contract to install crash and protection decks inside the building above the working areas.

As the existing roof trusses were not capable of supporting the weight of the scaffolding a combination of HAKI 750 beams and towers were erected to support the decks. To ensure no dust or debris from the roofing entered the working area below a shrink wrap curtain was installed. This proved extremely difficult to achieve due to the numerous obstructions within the roof void.

Working in co-operation with our designers, we have achieved this and our team of advanced scaffolders are well on time with production.