Gilpin Demolition were successful in winning the contract to demolish an 80 foot high water storage tower at the Army barracks in Oxford. The primary concern for Gilpin was how to protect Army personnel who were housed in the buildings that sat very close to the base of the tower.

About the project

Using a long reach 360° slew the tower was demolished by munching away from the top downwards. This method meant there was the possibility of large pieces of concrete falling onto the surrounding buildings, so to eliminate this danger a protection deck was designed and installed. As the exact weight of any falling debris was unknown the design drawing had to make allowances for the worst-case scenario.

The complex nature of the designed decks, numerous beams, double boards, steel mesh and plywood overlay took a team of scaffolders two weeks to complete.

Gilpin and the main contractor were very impressed with the safe manner that was adopted to erect and dismantle the structure, particularly with the limited access available.