Project overview

SRK Scaffolding were tasked with providing IES safe access by means of edge protection and a design lifting frame for the removal of contaminated cables. Our in-house designer provided a design fit for the needs of the client enabling us to confidently proceed with the works.

Contamination was found throughout the cable annexes in the form of AIB debris. This appeared to have been created by damage to the AIB shuttering and ceilings within the cable annexes.

All scaffolds were erected and dismantled to our method of work competently and to the client’s approval. Once scaffold was erected and completed they were then tagged, electronically handed over and a weekly inspection was conducted by our Supervisor James Hoy.

  • Principal Contractor: IES

  • Site Manager: 1 / Site Supervisor: 1 / Scaffolders: 3

  • Health & Safety Incidents: 0

  • Start Date: 04/03/2024

  • Finish Date: 18/03/2024

Challenges faced

  • Heightened risk working in an environment where Asbestos materials are present.

  • Low-level roof height, considerable dust & poor lighting, especially in the Turbine Hall.

  • Limited access when transporting materials.

Solutions implemented

Prior to commencement of the job, all Scaffold Operatives had task briefings and all above hazards were highlighted and within the POWRA to prevent risk of injury.

Scaffold operatives always entered the building via the DCU wearing Full Mask Respiratory Equipment, all of which had been professionally fitted and tested. They also wore head torches for higher visibility. All operatives had sufficient training in Asbestos Awareness and underwent an Asbestos-specific Medical Examination.

insights gained

SRK had an unannounced site visit by a HSE Inspector on 4th March. We successfully passed this inspection – all Scaffold Operatives were operating accordingly and our files and certificates were all completed to the desired standard.

The project was a huge success with scaffold erected to a high standard, no Health & Safety issues and a great working relationship with the client (IES) who are offering our scaffolding services to upcoming jobs within the Northwest.