Project overview

SRK Scaffolding were tasked with providing Hughes & Salvidge with access scaffolding, protection scaffolding and asbestos scaffolding enclosures. The project aimed to remove all asbestos-contaminated areas within the Power Station Chimney, Precipitators, and E&I Workshop. Hughes & Salvidge were assigned to fully demolish all buildings including the stack structure.

  • Principal Contractor: Hughes & Salvidge

  • Project Management & Principal Designer: James Ltd

  • Site Manager: 1 / Scaffolders: 3-6

  • Health & Safety Incidents: 0

  • Start Date: 29/06/2023

  • Finish Date: Ongoing

Challenges faced

  • Full demolition of buildings and stack structure within a live plant area.
  • Scaffold erection whilst taking into account the presence of asbestos materials.
  • Scaffold design taking into account the location is exposed and is known to have a high wind loading area.

Solutions implemented

SRK Scaffolding and their in-house scaffold designer provided a bespoke scaffold design for the chimney stack and the precip building, considering all asbestos materials present and to withstand the potential of a high wind loading impact. Design scaffolds were also provided for the protection of all live pipework within a 30m radius of the stack structure, to withstand a measured drop loading should this occur during demolition.

Results achieved

  • Full removal of all asbestos materials safely, and
    scaffold erected to program’s key point indicators.
  • Full demolition of the chimney stack within a live plant area.

insights gained

Our in-house designer needed to be available to visit the site on numerous occasions for a full specification visit. This provided us with all the relevant information to overcome the client’s concerns and requests.

SRK Scaffolding has produced a phenomenal amount of scaffolding with limited numbers of men over a brief period. We still have the dismantling of the live protection scaffold to take place, but I am confident that this can be achieved safely, efficiently, and in line with the contractor’s program of works.

A significant highlight of this project is the zero health and safety incidents recorded so far. This is a testament to the rigorous safety protocols and practices implemented by the team, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the hazardous materials involved and the complexities of working within a live plant