Bespoke thermal blankets

Thermal blankets are customised insulated blankets designed to offer thermal insulation, personnel protection, and acoustic reduction. These blankets are highly efficient and offer easy removal and reinstallation with minimal effort. At SRK Scaffolding & Industrial Services, we specialize in manufacturing bespoke thermal blankets that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients and are delivered with the utmost professionalism

Tailored to fit

Our thermal blankets are designed to withstand various temperatures, UV radiation, water, and chemicals, and remain flexible and durable. Our expert fabricators are skilled in creating complex blankets that are tailored to fit perfectly and provide optimal insulation. In addition to thermal insulation, our blankets offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for accessing equipment and vessels for maintenance and inspections.

The blankets are highly flexible and can be shaped to fit irregular shapes. For increased thermal values, we offer aerogel insulation, while stainless steel mesh or silica cloth can be used for extreme temperatures. We take pride in delivering high-quality and custom-made thermal blankets that meet the unique demands of our clients.

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