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scaffolding for the safe removal of asbestos

SRK Scaffolding is one of a limited number of HSE licenced scaffolding companies operating in the UK permitted to erect scaffolding for the safe removal of asbestos. The ancillary licence allows us to provide temporary access solutions for any works that may disturb asbestos, ensuring the safety of our operatives and others on site.

Scaffolding for asbestos removal

Why work with SRK SCAFFOLDING?

At SRK Scaffolding we are constantly building new partnerships, alliances and continue working with clients who trust and rely on our services. We have been their support on a variety of high profile construction projects in the South West and our yard, extensive stock and committed workforce, enables us to deliver multiple large scale projects simultaneously.

With the continuing expansion of our company we focus on maintaining strong working relationships with all our partners and alliances.

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