Complete industrial scaffolding solutions

SRK provides a wide range of solutions designed for the industrial sector. Our services include designing, building, and taking down scaffold structures, along with thorough safety inspections and regular maintenance. We also offer specialised structures, innovative access solutions, and strong containment for sheeting and encapsulation to ensure maximum protection.

Prioritising safety

We prioritise safety, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness to effectively address the unique challenges of industrial environments. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, dependable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who understand the specific challenges related to scale, environment, and accessibility. They are proficient at working safely in hazardous areas when erecting or dismantling scaffolding. We are dedicated to implementing industry best practices to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency in all our operations.

Our latest projects

Why work with us?

SRK Scaffolding and Industrial Services Ltd offers a wide range of services that cater to various sectors, including nuclear, oil, gas, petrochemical, construction, and industrial. We are dedicated to establishing strong partnerships and supporting high-profile projects. By contacting us, you will experience our commitment to constructing more than just structures.

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