On 5th February 2014 this highly publicised and televised section of the Dawlish Sea Wall collapsed and left a large part of the railway line into Devon in the sea, leaving the track and many services suspended in mid-air. Emergency action was taken by a number of major contractors, working around the clock to shore up and re-lay the track.

About the project

Supporting the main contractors, SRK Scaffolding designed and built various access scaffolds to allow the sea retaining wall to be reinstated. Works were undertaken despite extremely difficult conditions with heavy seas and high tidal waves.

Part of the project was to build an access walkway down the cliff face to allow for concrete to be pumped from the Dawlish road to the sea wall, which would when rebuilt, support and protect the railway line. Amco rail required access to the inside of the reinforced concrete sea defence cells, a total of 340m adjacent to the rail track, in order to fix reinforced steel and to pour concrete into the large shuttering that had been erected to form the wall.

This was fixed and poured in 3 key stages with our scaffold being part of the permanent structure with each working platform lifted up prior to the next concrete pour.

After the final pour was complete any scaffold protruding needed to be cut flush as this now also formed part of the wall. A major amount of the scaffolding materials were transported from Dawlish Warren, down a 2 mile track and ferried in boats or barges at high tides reducing the time it would have taken to carry them manually.